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Changes are afoot at Louis Vuitton now that Nicolas Ghesquière has officially taken the helm. Most notably, Julie de Libran, the studio director of women’s ready-to-wear, has announced her departure, reports WWD.

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When it was over, the audience cheered. It was official: Designer Nicolas Ghesquière had a rousing debut at Louis Vuitton.

This new chapter in the story of the 160-year-old brand began on Wednesday morning in a transparent pavilion in a courtyard of the Palais du Louvre. In the minutes before the show, the audience arrived to find dozens of silver blinds dimming the space. The low-rise seating was spread throughout the room — a landscape of ivory-colored knolls and valleys. At show time, the blinds opened wide and sunlight poured in.

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PARIS — Moody is the adjective Rick Owens used to describe his men’s fall/winter 2014/2015 collection, and I like to imagine the pep talk he gave the models before they exited the backstage area: "Listen up, everyone, Homeland has been cancelled — there won’t be another season.” I’m not sure if the young male models that walked today are fans of Carrie Mathison (more likely they’re into American Horror Story), but that news would definitely have me stomping down the runway with my shoulders hunched, like the models did today.
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